Price for translations

One standard page (1800 signs including spaces/250 words) of translation is used as basis for calculation.

Minimum price for certified/non-certified translation is 20,00 Eur (even it is below one standard page).


Certified translation from and into English

Rate per page

Standard delivery

20,00 €

Express delivery

25,00 €

Superexpress delivery (2 hours)


Proofreading – minor

 5,00 €

Proofreading – major changes

20,00 €

Copy of translation

  2,66 € / 1 copy


You pay only 20,00 Eur for the following documents:

  • birth certificate
  • police record
  • university certificate, etc.


To give you a price quote I need you to answer the following questions:

  • Do you need a certified translation?
  • One or more copies?
  • Slovak-English or English Slovak translation?
  • Original or notarised copy to be attached to the translation?
  • Time and method of delivery?
  • Contact information (your tel. number, address)?