Certified translation

What you need to know about certified translations

roud seal+three-coloured ribbon attached to a document

Sworn translations, otherwise called official translations or certified translations or translations with a round stamp attached are translations required for official use by governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Here in Slovakia, we have a specific type of translators - certified translators - who are eligible to translate documents for official purposes.

For example when a university or an employer requires to prove your qualification as a foreign student/worker, or when you as a foreigner are going to marry a Slovak girl, youn will need a translation of your document to be done by a certified translator.

Examples of documents include:

  • birth, marriage, divorce and academic certificates
  • school and work transcripts, medical reports
  • regulatory documents - contracts, power of attorney, etc. 

certified translation - front page

Translators must fulfill several conditions to become a certified translator. These conditions include min 5-year experience in translation, specialised education administered by the interpreting institutes, successfully passed exams and insurance against liability.

 translator´s ID card + certified translation

Types of documents

Types of documents for which certified translation is usually required:


 Secondary school report               

Police records


 Divorce certificate

 Diploma supplement

Certificate of title

 Cambridge ESOL certificate

 Commercial registry record

 Other language certificates

 Financial report



 Birth certificate

 Business agreement

 Marriage licence

 Vehicle registration paper

 Death certificate

Certificate of conformity


 Specialised skills report